CoronaVirus is Airborne CONFIRMED!! 3/17/2020 It can survive for hours in the air! Change your home air filter!! AND Why a #TolietPaperMask #TolietPaperCoronavirusMask or even a #Surgical or #surgicalmask may not filter the Coronavirus out.


WHO recommends ‘airborne precautions’ after coronavirus found to survive in air
Source: NyPost

source: World Health Organization (WHO)

#CoronavirusAirborne #AirborneCoronaVirus 

 "Imagine" the particle size of something that has the possibility of killing you.
Most people cannot! 

This could be the most frightening article i write ....

See picture above.. 
by observation you can see why the
 #Coronavirus cannot be filtered out by a makeshift #TolietPaperCornavirusMasks

How does the CoronaVirus Spread from person to person?
How come we should wash our hands after touching surfaces?
 (Click on the video below)

Video does not say..
The virus can survive on a surfaces like metal for up to 3 hours
(see my post "What is the #Coronavirus" for sources) 

The virus can survive in the air for up to 3 hours

Source: NyPost

Many of you know that just last week, 
I began designing a medical device that would filter the air...
but now my design requirements have changed to filter out the 
estimated 0.1um (that  a particle that is estimated at
10 to the negative 6 power) 

My first advice is to change your home filter right away
like today! 
(yes do that!)

I use this one (click)
(it says it filters viruses and is only 15 bucks!)

But here is another one with coronavirus explanation

(i don't make any money on any on these links and don't really want to...I just want you and your family to be safe...)

 feel free to search the internet 
now that you have THATknowledge) 

Make sure your home furnace filter can filter out this damn thing
so your kids and the elderly can breathe safely 


Now things have really "ramped up"

 With the confirmation of the Coronavirus having the ability to survive in the air (as well as surfaces for hours)

I will continue updating this article as I confirm the accuracy
of this airborne ability of the virus.. 
through the CDC, WHO, FDA ...etc

You can read more  below



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